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Real food
for the love of dogs.
Healthy dog food • Simple • Delivered • Bone Appétit
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They'd cook this for you if they could.
Your dog loves you as much as you love them. That's why they’d feed YOU the freshest locally sourced meats, fruits, and vegetables. Return the love and give them what they deserve. With a Platables nutrition plan, you can be sure that your four-legged family member receives only the best. Our ingredients are as much healthy as they are delicious. Bone Appetit!
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The benefits of well-balanced meals can be apparent almost immediately. Platables pairs high quality nutrition with high quality poops! You can be sure your will dog will be stronger, run faster, and live a happier, longer life.


A balanced meal for sensitive tummies


Nutrient rich for picky eaters


For healthy muscle and tissue


For weight maintenance


Chickens rise when the rooster crows. Same with dogs when they are served a delicious chicken recipe with all-natural ingredients that will give them all the nutrients to strengthen their immune system and muscles.

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Make the switch →
How it works (Sit. Stay.)
It's easy. You don't have to do anything. We customize, package and deliver a meal plan specifically designed for your pup's size, weight, and nutritional needs.
1. Customize
Create a profile for your dogs and we'll create a customized meal plan.
2. Select
Choose from our variety of meal offerings.
3. Deliver
48 hour delivery, frozen fresh, packed in an eco-friendly box
4. Serve
We suggest warming the food to show that extra bit of love.
Who invented kibble anyway? Probably a cat person.
  • Kibble is dry pellets that are extremely unhealthy and processed.
  • Brands are sneaking through regulations with meals that are only 4% real meat.
  • Preservatives and artificial flavoring allow for shelf life to withstand years.
  • Powdered ingredients such as “beef meal” can have diseased livestock.
  • Generic recipes made for all life stages can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer for adult dogs.
They're more than pets, they're family.
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Join the Family →
  • Our mission is to create a deeper connection between family and dog.
  • We work with vet nutritionists to ensure the health and wellness of your pup.
  • We source from local farms to ensure every ingredient is fresh and natural.
  • We taste test every batch because we are convinced it’s that good!
Join the Family →
Join the Family →